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Fear Life For A Lifetime CD, Signed White Vinyl


Release date: 12 July, 2024

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  • Fear Life For A Lifetime Signed White Vinyl
  • Fear Life For A Lifetime CD

‘Fear Life For A Lifetime’ is the eagerly anticipated debut album from STONE that demands attention. The songs unfold as a coming-of-age narrative, delving into the turbulent experiences of young adulthood. Produced by Rich Costey the album explores the alternative genre spectrum, blending post-punk fervour, indie anthems & hip-hop influence with a sharp edge. The album tackles a range of topics love, ambition, self-doubt, confidence, or a sense of belonging, this album resonates deeply, offering a sense of community embodying the spirit of Liverpool at its core. 
The album features 11 tracks, including the single ‘My Thoughts Go’, and is available on multiple formats.
 Fear Life For A Lifetime
 My Thoughts Go 
 Say it Out Loud 
 Save Me 
 Never Gonna Die 
 Sold My Soul 
 Save Yourself